Biblical and Theological Foundations The programme begins with courses in biblical studies and theology and Leadership, giving students a solid foundation for studying leadership, practical theology, missiology and church history. The focus throughout the program is on equipping the students to be a part of a multifaceted congregational life in any context. A strong focus on the church around the world helps students from a variety of ecclesial and cultural backgrounds to develop an understanding for the importance of interpretation and reflection in ministry and mission, in Norway and around the world.


The course content is delivered through a number of different sections, which are described below. Take a look at the 2017-18 Syllabus (PDF) and the Rotational Syllabus (PDF) for more information on how these fit together throughout the course.


Biblical Theology

Pentateuch, Conquest to United Monarchy, Division to Exile, Exile and Return, Gospels, Acts, Paul and James, Church Under Attack.


From Scripture to Theology

Scripture and Hermeneutics, God, Gospel, People & Mission from 100-1400, Church History since 1400, Eschatology, Ethics in a Messy World.

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