Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.

1 Peter 4:10














Leadership and Management Major

 MKT101 Foundations of Marketing

 EXP201 Professional Practice in Leadership

 (MIN101 OR MAN101) LEA201 Leadership Principles  (BUS102)

BUS202 Financial Decision Making

 (40CP, MAN101) MAN201 Organisational Behaviour

 (80CP, LEA201) LEA301 Advanced Leadership and Decision Making

 (80CP, LEA201) LEA311 Creativity and Entrepreneurship

 (120CP, MAN101, MAN201) MAN311 Strategic Management


Then He opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures 

Luke: 24,45

Time period: August - January

The core element of what the Bible School has to offer is the conveyance of the Word of God. The different teachers will also share from their own experience in accordance with the Bible. This makes the teaching more personal and it reveals how the Word is lived out in practical everyday life.



  • Holy and blameless before God
    As Christians we have received God’s righteousness, and from Gods point of view, we are no longer sinners, but holy and blameless. This is a powerful truth capable of changing any person’s life.

  • A new and better covenant
    It is a huge difference between living in the old covenant compared to living in the new covenant. Good things happen to us when we see ourselves through commandments and demands, as opposed to seeing ourselves through Jesus and His finished work of salvation?

  • The cross of Jesus Christ
    The Galatians had to choose if they completely trusted the cross, or if they also had faith in their own actions. We have the same choice today. Do we believe that what Jesus did for us at the cross is ENOUGH for ALL areas of our lives?

  • Faith in the new covenant
    Before the cross we can see that the disciples struggled with faith. The reason is; they did not have the new covenant faith we have today. Within this subject, we will study what this type of faith is, how it occurs, and how it can be activated in our lives.

  • Spirit, soul and body
    Man consist of spirit, soul and body, and these three are connected. Our spirit is always in contact with God. There is much more energy in living and serving from our spirit than out from our soul.

  • The Gospel of grace
    In this subject the gospel that was revealed to Paul is lectured. The gospel that was given both to the world and the Christians. (…q: Rather, both to the Jews and the gentiles?) Evangeliet både til verden og til de kristne. The pure, good news without interference from culture, rules and regulations. The power of grace in our lives, and grace tat helps us grow. De rene gode nyhetene uten innblanding av kultur og menneskeskapte bud og regler. Nådens kraft i våre liv, og nåden som oppdrar oss.

  • The believer’s identity 
    This subject will help you to become aware of what you think about yourself, and how these thoughts make an impact on your emotions and behavior. The focus is to get a right image of God, a right image of yourself, and other people. The believer’s identity in Christ opens up to a heavenly authority.

  • The red line of the Bible
    The purpose of this course is to see what the bible as an entity really is about. We want to see Jesus as a centre of the salvation plan, and in which way He is the red line who binds all the scriptures together. This is a very exciting course, and with multimedia as a tool, God’s plan shines through in a clear way. Et virkelig spennende kurs, og med multimedia som verktøy trer Guds plan tydelig frem.

  • In Him
    Through this course, Ephesians 1 and 2 is used as mirrors, and we look at ourselves through God’s eyes. A vast amount of time is used to share experiences through facing life’s many challenges. The Holy Spirit is always our helper and advicer.

  • Prayer, praise and worship
    This subject talks about the dimensions in our relation to God through prayer, praise and worship, and how it strengthens both our personal life and the church. The focus is faced on the power of worship through all circumstances! The teaching contains both theory and practice.

  • Renewing of the mind
    For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Thoughts create feelings, language, attitudes, and actions. God’s Word, and God’s thoughts will change our thoughts. We won’t be influenced by our circumstances any longer, but we will see that our circumstances is influenced by us! Vi vil da ikke lenger være influert av våre omstendigheter, men vi vil heller se at våre omstendigheter blir influert av oss!

  • Studies in the New Testament letters
    We will take on all the New Testament letters, and we’ll study the text in the light of the author who wrote it. We’ll look at the church it was written to, and to which context the chapters and the verses were written.



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