As a graduate and friend of Christian Bible College, I am thankful to the Lord for His moving upon the heart of Dr. Cecil Johnson to establish the College. Its programs are doctrinally sound as well as a blessing and joy to its participants. With warmth and concern each student receives individual attention.

Christian Bible College seeks not only to encourage and strengthen the student's commitment to Jesus Christ, but to provide a solid foundation of academic excellence

CBC is one of the few schools that offers quality education in a nontraditional way. Dr. Cecil Johnson has put together a program that is demanding and innovative, causing the student to thoroughly search out the Holy Scriptures and come to a clearly defined position of the Word of God. For the student who is not afraid to work and earn a respectable degree, CBC offers just such a program.

It is with the highest respect and praise that I endorse Christian Bible College. Dr. Cecil Johnson, Founder, has become a personal close friend since my graduation. The Christian curriculum and course of studies offered make it one of the finest Christian colleges in the country.

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