In 2018 we began a partnership with Moorlands Bible College  (United Kingdom), whereby we are able to offer a Moorlands Diploma in Theology and Leadership to those on the course who want to take up this option. Students are required to write 6 assignments over one year or over the two year course (3 per semester). There are two compulsory assignments (each of 5,000 words) and four assignments (each of 2,500 words) over one year (full time student) or the two years (part time students). These assignments are optional for those without the College diploma certificate.


The setting of assignments, their supervision and their marking is all done by Moorlands Bible College, and we work with Moorlands Bible College to administrate the course. Each assignment is graded and written feedback is given, but our priority, as for all aspects of the course, is that students encounter God rather than simply tick an academic box.

There is a optional supplement of  Kr.1600.00 (Norwegian Kroner) to be payable by students who wants to receive the Diploma Certificate from the college, this is also required, to help cover the administration costs by Moorlands Bible College.

The Course with the College Diploma: Students are required to write two 5,000 word essay and four essays of 2,500 words, including other assignments.


The Course without the College Diploma: Students are required to do all their normal assignments without the extra fee and two 5000 words essay as shown above. They will receive a normal certificate for completing the course. 

Note: We are looking to offer Bachelor Degree Courses through Moorlands Bible College in the future for students, your grades and diploma with New Life Bible School will be a stepping stone for the degree course.  For students who want to go further, this can be used to gain advanced entry onto the Moorlands Bible College, for a Bachelor Degree (BA) in Applied Theology.

All students must do their assignments but can choose whether to complete the diploma or not. All students will have access to our online resources and e-library. All assignments will be delivered through our online student portal. All students will be given a free book “.................coming soon.............................” during the course.


Do you wish to study for the College Diploma?   Please indicate Yes  □  or  No  □ on the admission application form.

Accreditation and Recognition

This programme is offered in exclusive partnership with Moorlands Bible College (United Kingdom), and they are in partnership with University of Gloucestershire (England). After successfully completing your studies at New Life International Bible School, you will receive a diploma certificate from Moorlands Bible College (United Kingdom) in England which is duly accredited by the British Government. Their certificates and degrees are recognised worldwide.

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