Because student life is a vital part of the educational process, New Life Bible School provides opportunities for students to apply Christian principles. This section contains information pertaining to student life and development.


New Students Orientation - A one-day orientation course is conducted at the beginning of each semester to acquaint new students with the program. The students are informed of the policies and procedures of the school and instructed on administrative details in order to help them thrive in a school environment.


Student Association (SA) - The Student Association is a student organisation run by students according to Constitution and bylaws approved by the student body. An executive committee composed of a president and two representatives governs the Association. It functions to sponsor student activities, to generate school spirit, and to present student views on school matters to the school and administration.


Social Activities - While New Life Bible School is not a resident School and all of our students commute to the school each week, we host various events to encourage fellowship among our students, teachers and the church. Such events might include receptions, student appreciation days, concerts and movie nights.

Spiritual Development - School Worship services are held every week and offer a time for students and teachers to join together in a time of worship. Special guest speakers, and student led bands are a regular part of our school Worship services. Additionally, We encourages students to practise the use of their spiritual gifts and skills iat this fellowship.


Church Ministry Practicum & Outreach Hours - Faith in Action - These programs encourage students to apply their learning in practical ministry situations throughout the city in various churches, rescue missions, shelters, and other ministries throughout their enrolment at the school. Students are required to perform minimum 16 hours of approved community service activities per semester to help them apply their learning and develop their ministry skills. In addition, students are required to be involved in the 3 days or 5 days outreach event in another city or country depending on the school's plan. Church ministry practicum hours are coordinated by the school but they are supervised by church leaders and/or designated persons of the organisations, usually where the student is already involved in a church, ministry or in community service.


Students with Disabilities - The School adapts to students with physical impairments and learning disabilities. Modifications or adjustments will be made when necessary for qualified students, including but not limited to alternate methods of testing and evaluation, and change of lessons. Discrimination on the basis of disability is prohibited. Qualified persons with disabilities shall not be denied access to educational opportunities at the school. We adhere with the Norwegian disability law.


Students Advising and Counselling - The School provides opportunity for advise and counselling for Students when needed. This helps students with academic, spiritual and personal problems that may interfere with their ability to achieve success in their personal life, study or ministry.


Student Conduct - New Life Bible School expects students to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with Christian principles. To assure each person the opportunity to pursue an education in a Christian environment, the school has specific rules for governing behaviour. You will find them on the - Rules for governing behaviour

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