Our Mission

The mission of New Life International Bible School is to equip our students to impact their communities for Christ.


Our vision of offering an affordable, quality education founded on Christian values and a Biblical worldview, flows from this mission statement.


Goals and Objectives of the College

The over-arching goals of New Life Bible School are to:
1. Offer an affordable but academically excellent education from a Biblical worldview.
2. Provide practical ministry experience fpr individuals that will impart their lives and their churches 

3. Produce students who demonstrate effectiveness in ministry.
4. Provide conferences, continuing education, and networking events for church leaders, faculty and staff.
5. Sponsor cooperation among Christian ministries.


Our Institutional Objectives are to produce students who possess skills in the following six areas of competency:
1. Exegetical: Students will develop in their ability to accurately interpret and effectively communicate the Word of God in a variety of environments.
2. Students will be challenged to personify godliness in both personal and corporate contexts, and trained to equip, skillfully shepherd, and mobilize Christian disciples for kingdom growth.
3. Apologetic and Evangelical: Students will develop a distinctly Biblical worldview and demonstrate the ability to present a clear, engaging, and theologically reasoned explanation and defense of the historic Christian faith.
4. Intellectual: Students will be trained in the academic skills needed to research, study, and resolve complex issues that arise within the life of the church, and to cultivate an ongoing pursuit of knowledge.
5. Verbal: Students will be trained to effectively and accurately communicate Biblical truth and the Gospel, in writing and verbally.
6. Professional: Students will be encouraged to model professionalism and Christian ethics in all areas of their personal and ministerial life.

Our Teaching Method

Legacy Bible College uses a hybrid teaching style that allows working professionals to maintain their careers while pursuing their educational goals. We utilize distance learning collaborative technology that allows us to meet once per week in an eight week course with online assignments that are completed during the week in accordance with the student’s schedule.


Our system uses Populi technology to provide flexibility in a collaborative environment where some assignments allow students to work together on projects or to provide feedback for discussions.
Institutional Learning Outcomes

In conjunction with its mission and institutional goals, the educational programs provided by the College are designed to enable its students to:
1. Communicate effectively in oral and written forms and to comprehend complex ideas through reading and listening.

2. Develop spiritual transformation exhibited through a developing Christian character and commitment to the work of Christ to the glory of God.

3. Develop skills for preparing and delivering life-changing sermons to contemporary audiences.

4. Develop leadership skills in pastoral ministry, Bible teaching, and in other ministries of local churches.

5. Acquire knowledge and develop an understanding necessary for engaging in Christian missions and evangelism.

6. Apply techniques of critical, logical, and analytical thinking to life’s issues.

7. Develop a historical perspective of Christianity and the early church; acquire knowledge of the arts, literature, and human behaviour, and how they impact the Christian faith.

8. Develop comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Bible and theology, and discover ways of applying them to life.

9. Use the tools of research to discover new information and to solve human problems.

10. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of curriculum development and teaching techniques.

11. Develop social skills that exhibit love and respect for others irrespective of religious and cultural differences.

Accreditation Status
New Life is accredited as part of the .... is not academically accredited.












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