Pillar College’s Life Enhancing Accelerated Degree program (LEAD) offers adult students the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree part time at an accelerated pace of as little as 18 to 20 months. Created with the demands of busy professionals in mind, LEAD requires students to meet just one night per week, using a small group format. Students will become part of a cohort, an individualized group that takes classes together along the same track. The cohort format allows students to find peer support in addition to the myriad academic resources that are available. Experience counts with LEAD, and it can give participants a head start in obtaining a degree. Students accepted in LEAD can convert their life experiences and prior learning into credits through portfolio assessments and prior learning assessment. That can translate in up to 30 credits for life learning, a savings of one year less in tuition and classroom time.


LEAD students enjoy the benefits of classes scheduled at convenient times and locations, small class size, and a seminar format that is more interactive and personal. Students will increase their expertise as they prepare to go to the next level in their careers. Many Pillar College LEAD graduates have received promotions at work, have been accepted at graduate institutions and have enjoyed access to new occupations in business and ministry.

Full-time Christian service will be considered for credit towards a degree. In some cases, depending on previous education, degree may be earned by submitting a thesis or dissertation.


Course Description (General)

All courses are theologically oriented with special instruction material designed by CBC. Each course has a specific workbook, and in most cases, there is required extra reading. All books and materials are available from CBC.

Personal and Spiritual Development

Apostolic Leadership

Leading with Vision, Leading with Faith, Leading and Managing Teams.


Prophetic Leadership

Pursuing a Supernatural Culture, Prophesying and Hearing from God, Prayer, Spiritual Warfare and Demonisation.


Evangelistic Leadership

Everyday Evangelism, Culture, Contextualisation and Apologetics, Reaching the Nations with the Gospel.


Pastoral Leadership

Discipleship, Pastoring People, Godly Character and Self-Leadership, Walking in Freedom.


Teaching Leadership

Preaching and Teaching, Sifting Theological Debate.


Paul’s Leadership Training Course

1 & 2 Timothy and Titus.

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