Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.

1 Peter 4:10














Leadership and Management Major

 MKT101 Foundations of Marketing

 EXP201 Professional Practice in Leadership

 (MIN101 OR MAN101) LEA201 Leadership Principles  (BUS102)

BUS202 Financial Decision Making

 (40CP, MAN101) MAN201 Organisational Behaviour

 (80CP, LEA201) LEA301 Advanced Leadership and Decision Making

 (80CP, LEA201) LEA311 Creativity and Entrepreneurship

 (120CP, MAN101, MAN201) MAN311 Strategic Management

Decision Making

How to Make Better Decisions



And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

2. Timothy: 2 ,2

Time period: May – June

In the third and last semester of the school year we will focus on the subject of leadership. You will be challenged to work through a project assignment. There will also be exciting team-trips. The leadership training includes oral presentations in front of class and mission practice.



  • Self-leadership
    Paul said to Timothy that he should take care of himself. If we cannot lead ourselves, neither can we lead others. Each and everyone is the leader of their own life. In this subject you will learn useful tools in how to lead yourself.

  • Life as a leader
    Here you will hear from leaders who lead at different levels in church. They will teach leadership and share from their personal experience. Being a leader flows from our overall life together with God and people. Our leadership is reflective of the life we live and who we are as people in all areas of life. 

  • Leadership development
    In the process of developing your gifts and talents, your soul and heart also need to be developed. You will learn about good attitudes and building of character as a leader. You will also get to evaluate completed projects. You will also undergo coaching/counseling conversations focusing on your process and development as a leader.

  • Team development
    It`s not really important which person makes the final score, but that the entire team wins! We teach that the church is a fellowship greater than ourselves, and we support each other whether things are booming or declining. Since we have a common mission we complete – and cheer on one another.

  • Communication
    Man is created for communication, however many people feel this is a major challenge. Throughout the bible school year you will learn about interpersonal relationships and how to communicate well to a crowd. Of course the teaching is a combination of theory as well as practice.

  • Financial stewardship
    In his teaching Jesus often uses examples that include money, and in this course we reflect upon several of these examples. We will also study the fact that biblical principles for stewardship are universal and they work under any condition.

  • Marriage and family
    This is teaching about how to prepare for marriage, and about how we can build healthy sound marriages and families in our time. You will listen to contemporary people with long solid life experience as well as comprehensive experience from marriage/family counseling.



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