Students rules and regulations

Entry requirements

I understand that the School fees for the one year or the two years course is kr. 14.000, - (must be paid before you get the letter of acceptance issued by New Life International Bible school) and a Mission trip between kr. 3.000, to 6.500 depending on the outreach place. Total is Kr.17,000.00.


One Year course - Four days a week


Two years course - Two days per weekend each month are spent in the school, and three days are spent in your placement organisation. As a New Life Bible School student, you play a full and vital part in the college community—with the opportunity to use on-site accommodation on Mondays and Tuesdays; attend our Chapel services; share meals with other students; and be part of a tutor group.




Language requirements

Competency in written and spoken English/Norwegian language will be essential in order to cope with the demands of your course. Therefore, you will be asked to provide us with some evidence that you are sufficiently competent in this area.

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