Our theology training takes a narrative approach. In twelve days of biblical theology we go through the story of the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, tracing the key themes of God, Gospel, People and Mission through the Scriptures. We then have eight days of historical theology, in which we study Christian doctrine through the story of the Church, from patristic Christianity, through the medieval period and the Reformation, to the present day.


Our leadership training is structured around the five types of leadership gift we find in Ephesians 4:11. Apostolic leadership involves leading with faith, vision and skill, both in leading and in managing. In four days on prophetic leadership we cover prayer, spiritual warfare, prophecy, and the pursuit of a supernatural culture. Evangelistic leadership features two days on evangelism in a Norway context, and two days with a more cross-cultural emphasis. In pastoral leadership we look at character, ethics, discipleship and pastoral skills, and finally in teaching leadership we consider how to preach and teach, how to handle theological debate, and Paul’s leadership instructions to Timothy and Titus.

1. Apologetics and Evangelism

2. Fundamentals and Expository Preaching

3. Church History

4. Biblical Studies

5. Marriage and Family Counselling

6. Christian Ethics

7. Theological Studies

8. Leadership and Management

We are privileged to have a phenomenal selection of leaders providing the teaching on the Leadership Training programme. Below are the main contributors:

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