Whether God is calling you to church ministry, nonprofit service, cross-cultural work, or another vocation—or you are already serving in ministry but need to deepen your knowledge and skills—equip yourself with a diploma program from New Life Bible School. With the new flexible formats that include the possibility to partake in the program by studying full time or primarily part -time. We provide options to help you complete your program on the best schedule time for you.

Program we Offer:

The Diploma Certificate of Christian Theology and Leadership offers students an opportunity to complete a personalised, short-term or long term non-degree program to meet a wide range of goals, from training for a specific church leadership and ministry, to personal and spiritual enrichment.

This can be earned in a one academic year or alternatively in two years. Many students pursue the program on a part-time basis; at weekends and thereby extend their study over a longer period of time. In addition to the weekend daytime schedule, studies are also offered in some evenings and as intensives, allowing for even more flexibility. This program helps students assess the possibility of pursuing an advanced degree program.

Learning Outcomes:

Through the course of these studies in this program, students will develop an integrated theological foundation for their Christian faith, Christian Theology, Spiritual and Personal growth, especially in the area of Self development, Leadership and Ministry.


This will be accompanied by completing some practical assignments, outreach in another city or country, writing of essay, as well as practical activities that require participants to integrate the study of theology with the culture, work place and worship. Throughout these studies students will be able to respond creatively through their own work to their theological studies and small group discussions. Wherever you’re called to lead – in your church, your work place or yourself – Christian Theology and Leadership Training is designed to help you develop a theological foundation to draw from and reflect on. 

Content of studies:

This foundational one year/two year program comprises of six modules: Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, Leadership & Management, The Church & Church History, Ministry & Mission & Church Planting. With all that, we include assignments, discussion forum, and the use of multimedia, etc.

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