Application and Admission Requirements

1. Objective : New Life Bible School's overall objectives are in accordance with the bylaws for adult education in Norway, ref. Act §4 and for admission ref. Act §19. We conduct our training activities on the basis of these following bylaws objectives:

  • To help maintain and lay the foundation for sustainable development by engaging and developing active citizens.

  • To enable students to influence their own life.

  • To combat exclusion and contribute to inclusion.

  • To contribute to motivation and access to knowledge and competence for all and thus meeting needs in our society and working life.

  • To strengthen cultural diversity and increase participation in cultural life.

  • To be an independent forum for learning and a supplement to public education for adults.


2.  Admission of Students - New Life Bible School will offer admission to students from different cultures and people groups without any exclusion. Based on that, students can apply for our program from all over Norway and from other nations.

  • Application Requirement: Student must have completed primary and secondary school education. Student must have at least an intermediate level of English.

  • International Student/Visa: International students from outside EU must have a valid student visa for the whole academic year. This includes citizens from outside EU but lives in Norway and other EU countries. The school will provide the necessary letter of acceptance and admission to the school after an interview and if student meet the requirements and is accepted. Students are then responsible for their visa application with UDI, or the Norwegian Embassy in their country.

  • Tuition Fees: Students are enrolled for the whole course in the academic year or for a two year part time course. The school fees for the academic year is kr.14.000 Norwegian Kroner. The same amount is paid by part time students for the two years. Students in Norway can choose to pay the fees in full at once or to pay kr.7.500 per semester (kr.7.500 x two semester). The school fees must be paid before the school starts every semester. 


  •  International Students Tuition Fees: International students must pay the full amount before they can get the letter of acceptance and admission for their visa. Students or their sponsors are responsible for their school fees and living costs while studying at the school. 


  • Missionary Trip (Faith in Action): In addition to the school fees, an outreach fee of kr. 3000 (minimum) which is for students to travel and visit another city or country for three days, five days or for a week, depending on the school’s plan for that year, and the cost of the trip. This has to be payed latest a month before the trip date. 

  • Diploma Certificate Fee: There is a supplement of Kr.1600.00 Norwegian Kroner to be payable by students who opt for the Diploma Certificate to cover the administration costs by Moorlands Bible College. This is optional and depending on your choice to write the required essays and assignments required by the college. Read more.

  • Decision for Admissions: The admission of student is approved by the rector and the registration team given authority by the school, in accordance to the rules of admission for adult education.

  • Application Deadline: Students can apply for our program anytime of the year until the approved number of students is reached and before the school start in each academic year.

  • Application Priority: If there are more applicants than the number approved for the academic year by the school, the school will prioritise members of New Life Church and students already living in Norway. It will also depend on when a student sent in application. If for some reason, we don’t have enough place in the academic year, the student's name will be put a on waiting list for the course.

  • Withdrawal of Application due to Sickness: Students can withdraw their application or quit for a reason like bad health problems. We will need a valid confirmation letter from a medical doctor regarding the student's health. Your tuition fee will be refunded, but the days already in class will be charged and an administration fee of kr.1500 will also be deducted. If a student decides to withdraw for any other valid reason accepted by the school the current semester has to be payed and next semester will be refunded.

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