Demands and expectations for students at Oslo Christian Center Bible School 


- Motivation
- Lingual abilities
- Residence permit for the whole curricular year of 2018/19
- Paid annual fee of NOK 14.000,- + NOK 3000,- for the mandatory project trip. Altogether NOK 17.000,-

When the school receives your application, we will send you an invoice with the annual fee. By paying the invoice, you confirm your acceptance of being our student. After this, we will send you a confirmation on your payment and a validation that you now are a student at Oslo Christian Center Bible School. You can use this confirmation in your application-process with the UDI.  For more information, read UDI's web page:


It is important to notice that the minimum cost of the mandatory project trip is NOK 3000,- , however, the price may increase depending on your destination.


Please read these documents before you fill in the form. Then sign, and press submit:

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