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New Life International Bible School is a non-profit, Christian education school, and part of New Life Church ministry work in Norway, (www.newlifechurch.no). New Life Church is part of Newfrontiers family of churches, an international movement of over 1500 Churches with a vision to advance the Kingdom of God across the globe through Making Disciples, (www.newfrontierstogether.org).


New Life Bible School offers a purposeful approach to Christian higher education. Our mission is larger than simply educating the students; it is focused on the personal and spiritual growth of the individual student, the growth and advancement of the Kingdom of God. We educate students to be kingdom-focused leaders who impact their communities for Christ and advance towards leadership positions in every area of life. ​

In 2018 we began a partnership with Moorlands College  in England, (www.moorlands.ac.uk), whereby we are able to offer a Moorlands Certificate and Diploma in Theology and Leadership to those on the course who want to take up this option. Students are required to write 6 assignments over one year or the two year course (3 per year). There are two compulsory assignments (each of 5,000 words) and four other assignments (each of 2,500 words) over one year or the two year.


The setting of assignments, their supervision and their marking is all done by the Moorlands Bible College, and we work with them to administrate the course. Each assignment is graded and written feedback is given, but our priority, as for all aspects of the course, is that students encounter God and grow in their personal and spiritual lives, rather than simply tick an academic box.


Alongside our focus on biblical teaching and practical training is the desire to see people transformed in the midst of a loving and caring community. Everyone who comes to study at New Life Bible School immediately becomes part of one big family. 

John Cardinal and administrative team are leading and facilitates the course, with other instructors from United Kingdom, USA, Norway, etc. 

Partnership: Someone might wonder how a ministry such as New Life Bible School can sustain itself. We have supporters and partners who through their gifts and donations, we are able to run the school. You can become a Partner with us

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