Welcome! God has a fantastic plan and purpose for your life and at New Life International Bible School we want to see you fulfil it. Our mission is focused on the spiritual growth of the individual students, and the advancement of God’s Kingdom by training up new leaders through teachings that are biblically-based, academically rigorous and culturally relevant. We educate students to be kingdom-focused leaders who impact their communities for Christ and advance towards leadership positions in every area of life. 


Our endeavour and desire is to see every student grow in the life-changing power of God’s word. The    programmes provide foundational teaching and practical training to live the authentic Christian life as leaders. In addition, we provide a dynamic and inspiring opportunities where students are equipped to fulfil the plan and purpose God has for their lives.

Thinking of becoming a student? You're welcome to apply now for one of our teaching courses and we are looking forward to meeting you..


In addition to other themes and practises for the ‘Theology and Leadership Program’ we focus on these four modules: Biblical Studies, The Church/Church History, Theological Studies, Leadership & Management, etc.

The main focus of our Faith in Action is provision of volunteering assistance to those who need assistance with normal, everyday activities due to different conditions. It primarily, provides the students the opportunity to explore and put their faith in action. One of the key practical part of the school program is a three days to one week travel to another community, city or country to reach out to people, have fun together, and to do some practical activities that helps drive home things learnt in class.


In addition, it creates opportunity for the students to explore cross-cultural communication and put their faith in action. Faith in Action volunteers come from different churches and from our Bible School Students. Join us as we visit other nations, practise evangelism and outreach, and visit new church plants. 





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